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" It is difficult to find useful information about organizations around campus cause there seems to be a lot more than I thought and I want to fully explore them and decide on one that I truly love to join."

--- Cathy UT freshman

This is a design challenge project that I revamped later. My goal is to design an experience for new students to browse, search, and join new student organizations. Cube is a mobile app that allows students to explore UT student organizations by events. Students can interact with the organization through the app to gain an overall understanding of the organization. Students can view whether their friends have joined the organization to make better decisions.


Figma/ Omnigraffle / Principle /Mindmap / Lucid chart

Personal Project - My Role

UX researcher / Product Designer 

Design Challenge Scope

Research / Wireframe / Storyboard / Information architecture / Interaction design / Visual Design / Usability testing

The Problem

New students can’t learn about an organization in an effective way and human interaction is always overlooked in the process

Solution and Impact


Research and Empathize

There are tools to get to know a student organization but what's the problem?

Facebook and Hornslink are the main channels that UT students are using for exploring organizations. Facebook groups are mainly used for organizations to manage their events and distribute information, messages to people who have already followed them. While Hornlinks are official UT website that includes all different organizations that UT has. It is a more exploratory website to find new organizations. But there are several problems in both channels when analyze.

Facebook VS Hornslink
  • Facebook
  • Explorations scope is too broad

  • When search, it is ambiguous and not specific

  • The result is non-relevant and too hurdle 

Competitive analysis

UT Organization official website

  • Information is not actively updated

  • With little information, it's hard to differentiate 

  • Direct users to external sites for more info


Contextual interview

How's the journey for students to explore and join organizations currently?

Contextual interviews are targeting UT students. I speak with 2 students from an organization and 4 new students who are trying to join organizations. This helps generate persona and extract pain points to find opportunities to work on.

Meet Cathy who's joining an organization

Research analysis

Synthesize research data to generate actionable insights

Design principles and ideation

How might we emphasize the people factor and provide a more informative platform to help students join organizations easier?

I decided on the design principles and explored and ideated over 30 ideas to find the optimal solution to the problem and achieve the HMW questions. 


Design and iteration

To prioritize and decide on engaging ways to explore organizations, I took my wireframes to users for feedback and validation

As I explored previously, there are three major different kinds of content focused cards for users to explore. To further validate which one would be a better choice for users, I created wireframes to test with users for feedback.


1st round iteration - 1.0

What do users think?

1st round iteration - 2.0

Pros and cons

1st round iteration - 3.0

Combine and balance

How to streamline the process?

I created information architecture for the app and workflow of a joining process to clear the interaction flows

Browse and search flow

User Testing

The second round of iteration I take the prototype to users for more improvement

To further polish the designs and gain more feedback I asked for 4 users who are students at UT. They all were asked to complete the major flows of searching and browsing. From their feedback that I further iterated my designs.


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