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This is Jingyi.  I’m a user experience interaction designer at Google. I'm passionate about bringing my expertise in bridging the gap between technology and human and crafting experience to solve complex problems.

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User-centric design is my design philosophy. I believe it is the key to create any successful user experience. By thinking strategically on user journey, learning from research, user testing, I'm able to achieve the goal of a user-centered solution.

Critical thinker

Think strategically about details to product design and outlook at a product vision standpoint. By evaluating and considering various situations, constraints, and opportunities, it helps me make better decisions. 

Proactive and Collaborative

With a background in recruiting, I equipped with the skills in leveraging various resources and working collaboratively across teams. I initiated projects that helped me made my career transfer and earned opportunities to develop my leadership and skills. I believe in building trust between teams, and working collaboratively to both embracing and sharing feedback is the key to drive things forward.

What kind of designer I am?

Apart from a designer, I also enjoy...

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